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Roofing Contractor (roofing - all roof repairs.)

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(Sun Lakes, Chandler, Gilbert, Oracle, Oro Valley, Sabino Canyon, Tucson, and Vail, Arizona)

Roofing Contractor offers quality Roof Repair for all roofs, tile, shingles, roof coating or skylights.

Our roofing contactors are skilled and experienced, dedicated to protecting your biggest investment - your home. We will evaluate your roof free of charge, checking for damage or deterioration. We will also give you a free, no obligation estimate of costs associated with repairing or replacing your roof. Whether your roof is tiled or shingled, we offer the most cost-effective recommendation while protecting your home.
Roof cool coating is a process that not only helps keep your home cool under the hot Arizona sun, it reduces your energy costs and works to extend the life of your roof for years. Through reduced heat gain, your roof will experience reduced wear and tear - meaning fewer repairs. An added benefit is that your air conditioning system will experience less wear and tear, as it won't have to work as hard to keep your home cool and comfortable.
Other services we specialize in include repair or replacement of skylights. Leaking skylights can cause damage not only to the exterior of your home, but to the interior as well. When water or moisture enters the space between your roof and the interior ceiling, mold and mildew can result. Additionally, leaking water can lead to substantial rot if the frame around the skylight is constructed of wood. If you notice water stains on the drywall surrounding the skylight, it could indicate ceiling beams are rotting. A leaking skylight may also lead to floor damage. Our professionals are skilled in repairing or replacing leaky skylights.
When water leaks into homes, most require interior walls be repaired. We will remove all damaged sheetrock and replace the sheetrock, tape it and paint it. It will look like new and blend in beautifully.
Painting your home gives it a whole new look. Perhaps the most cost-effective improvement a homeowner can make to a home is to have it painted by a professional. Whether the paint on your home is fading, has become dirty or is chipping or peeling, we can give your home a fresh new look. Our experts will help you find the perfect color for your home, giving it a look that is comfortable and appealing.

LosDosHombres.com specialties: Roofing Contractor (roofing - roof repair, tiles, shingles, also roof cool coating and skylight leaks repairs or replace.), Home Improvement and handyman (sheetrock repair, house painting). Serving Sun Lakes, Chandler, Gilbert, Oracle, Oro Valley, Sabino Canyon, Tucson, and Vail, Arizona since 2004.

We thoroughly inspect your roof or home Improvement, give the client our evaluations and supply the most cost-effective recommendation and estimate.

At Los Dos Hombres.com, our goal is to help homeowners save time and money.

One Call Does It All! No Job Is Too Small. There's no need to make multiple calls and set up different appointments for your home improvements or roof repair projects. Call Los Dos Hombres, make one convenient appointment, we will take care of the rest. We guarantee our work.

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